Our story:

Here are the ups and downs, twists and turns of our story so far. We hope it gives you a bit more insight into the two of us :-)

2009 – Not quite Mr & Mrs

Emma and Gavin met in the summer of 2007 when Gavin was hired at Bigshot props as a project manager. Emma had just started a few weeks prior as the new receptionist. It would be nice to say that it was love at first sight, however, they unfortunately did not hit it off right away. If you asked Gavin, he would probably say that she had just never met anyone like him before. If you asked Emma she would probably say that she initially was just not that impressed. Luckily Gavin is persistent or, at the very least, stubborn.

2010 – Puppy love

Emma and Gavin decided to make the leap and move in together. They got a lovely loft apartment in Durban after Gavin had been living by the beach for more than six years. They were just two kids in love, and didn’t manage to put anything up on the walls until about three months before they moved out. Gavin quickly learned that the rice cooker always stayed on top of the counter and that sometimes Emma cleaning things is the same as misplacing things.

The happy couple also added a new member to the team when Gavin bought Emma a puppy for her 24th birthday. After a rough first couple of nights, “Pixel” quickly became a part of the family. Emma and Pixel started to attend puppy classes, mostly for Emma’s sake. She wont admit it, but she was a little scared of an eight week old Pixel.

2011 – 1600km

2011 was a big year. The happy couple made the big decision to move across the country to Johannesburg. Why anyone would leave hot and sunny for cold and windy is debatable, but Emma and Gavin both made lists of cities they would like to live in and the lists didn’t match. Luckily, Johannesburg just happened to be the perfect compromise.

In August, they packed up everything they owned, threw Zoli in the front seat and got ready for a 2000 mile drive in a cherry red Ford Mustang listening to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream (while Z. was sleeping, of course!). Some of the highlights of that trip were seeing some amazing natural scenery, Zoli “smelling” a cactus, and sleeping in a Motel 6 in America’s largest truck stop, where a murder had more than likely occurred.

2012 – Brrrrr

Emma and Gavin spent the start of the year wondering why they moved away from Durban as they struggled to survive their first Johannesburg winter. As spring arrived though, they started to explore their new home.

2013 – He put a ring on it

At some point while all this had been happening over the last couple of years, Gavin realized that he wanted it all to keep happening, forever. He found the perfect ring and waited until a day after Valentines Day to ask the question, because he just has to be different. He picked up Emma from work and brought her home to candles and champagne. While she was still trying to figure out what was happening he took the opportunity to ask her to marry him. He will never forget the way she looked confused and said, “I’m so sleepy,” with her hands on her head or when he asked if that meant yes, she responded that yes, it did.

2014 – i do, i do, i do!

Now it’s 2014 and we’re getting married. We’re heading back to the big smoke to make it official and celebrating with the people we love. Right afterwards we’ll probably go somewhere nice and just celebrate with each other.