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Lost wedding invitations. Traditional wedding invites and the Post Office strike.

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Electronic wedding invitations and RSVP

For many brides, sending out your wedding invites is a major part of the wedding planning process. After all, without an invite, how will your guests know they have been invited. How do you know they are coming if you don’t get their RSVP? What happens when it comes to lost wedding invitations?

So when a major Post Office strike holds your wedding invitations hostage, the personal wedding website is a lifesaver. Your guests can RSVP directly on to your website and you are emailed all the details and can carry on planning your big day.

Not only that, you can quickly and easily update the website to inform all of your guests if things change or direct them to the website to view maps and directions to all the wedding events.

So why not consider replacing the Post Office with a mailing list and avoid your invitations or wedding RSVP’s being held hostage. A mailing list doesn’t go on strike and works whenever you need it to – day or night.

Enjoy your wedding planning!

Thank you to Magpie Ink wedding stationery for the photograph.

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