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5 personal wedding website benefits

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5 benefits of a personal wedding-website by confettisites.com

Having a personal wedding website gives your guests the perfect opportunity to get to know the bride and groom and provides a lot of flexibility with regards your wedding details.

Here are 5 personal wedding website benefits you might not have thought of.

Update details easily
As you might have come to learn already, things change when it comes to weddings. Sometimes they change more often that we would like and getting the updates to your guests can be a logistical nightmare.
By editing the information on your website, your guests are kept up to date with any changes that might arise.
If you decide to add a mailing list to your options, you can also send the guests regular emails of any changes that might need to be made to the schedule, the location of the groom (Just kidding…)

More information than printed wedding stationery
Another great benefit is the ability to provide maps to venues, highlight a few accommodation options for out of town guests as well as some things to do while they are in town for your wedding.

Collect wedding RSVPs
If you have ever had to collect RSVP’s or any kind of response you will know if can be a pain.
By asking your guests to RSVP on your wedding website, you have all of their details emailed to you and there is no excuse that it was lost in the mail…

Break the ice before the day.
When your guests arrive at the wedding, don’t be surprised if they hug you like family even though you have never met them before.
A personal wedding website with your story as a couple will allow your guests to read about how you met, look at pictures of your holiday in Thailand and anything else you might feel you need to add to the website. It can really make a wedding much more personal experience for everyone involved.

A thank you after the wedding
Once the wedding is over and you are back from the honeymoon, it is a great idea to put up a thank you message along with one of your favorite pictures from your wedding photographer.

Ok, here is a bonus benefit – messages from those who cannot make the wedding.
By adding a guestbook, guests who are not able to make the wedding will be able to leave you messages that can then be read out during the reception. Yes these can be emailed, but by adding it to your website, it just feels that much more personal.

If you have not already seen the wedding website design templates, please click here to see what is available. And remember – if you are looking for something that’s totally unique to capture the magic of your special day, then speak to us about a customised solution.

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